I’m still very much alive

Hellooooo readers!  I know it seems like I ceased to exist on this planet (the WordPress planet, anyway), but I assure you I’m still alive.  It’s been a whirlwind of a month, especially over the last ten days or so.  I was mainly tying up some loose ends like, oh, I don’t know… graduating nursing school.


Ok, I’m actually pretty damn proud of that.  It’s been a long road, and I’ve finally reached a fork.  I say that because although I now have my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, I know I’m no where near finished with school.  I’m already looking at grad programs (leaning heavily toward a Master’s in Public Health), but I am planning to take off at least a year before I commit to anything.  Oh, and there’s also that little test I have to take next month to become an actual nurse and start working.

Following graduation and a couple of wonderful/psychotic/amazing/holyshitIwantedtojumpoffabridge days with my family (I really do love them, but fuuuuccckkkk), I got to spend a few days volunteering with my absolute favorite organization in the world, TAPS (or, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors).  This organization works with families who have lost loved ones in the service, whether it was in combat, due to an accident, or the result of the loved one taking their own life.  It is an amazing organization that I can’t say enough wonderful things about.  This weekend was the National Good Grief Camp and Survivor Seminar (held every Memorial Day weekend), and I was there as a mentor to a 14-year old who lost her dad in combat when she was five years old.  It was my second year as her mentor, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Memorial Day weekend anywhere else.

I don’t know how many people we had there in total, but I know there were at least 500 kids, each paired with a mentor (well, not quite… we were a little short on mentors, so some had to double up), plus the adults.  Good Grief Camp is for the kids, and the Survivor Seminar is for the adults.  Basically the mentors have the kids all day Friday through Sunday (but not at night) and we have tons of organized activities to do with them during our time together.  The activities vary from things like walking around the national mall and looking at war memorials to sitting in our group room playing jenga, shooting nerf guns, and doing “grief work” where the kids talk about their memories with their loved one who passed (if they have any memories) and other therapeutic activities.

We also had a field day where there were various sports competitions and a photo scavenger hunt (I took a photo with the Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps for the scavenger hunt… nbd), and there was quite a bit of dancing.  The word Uranus was thrown around constantly, in every possible context, because we were with 13-15 year olds who got to visit the Air and Space museum, and… yeah.  Teenagers.  Also, so many fidget spinners.


I have tons of pictures and I wish I could share more, but I don’t want to post pictures of the kids on my blog so this is what you get.  I really wish I could share the video of General Dempsey singing the unicorn song, but again… privacy.

Now that I’ve basically promoted the hell out of TAPS, I’ll go ahead and get the official plug out of the way:  I highly recommend volunteering with this organization.  You have to be a service member or veteran to MENTOR, but there are tons of other volunteer activities you can do if you have no military affiliation.

Oh, some of you probably want an IVF update.  I will try to post details tomorrow, but for now I’m kind of exhausted so here are the highlights:  On Friday I started my “stims” (the hormones that help produce multiple follicles/eggs), and on Wednesday I am flying to AZ for the actual treatment.  I expect to be there from a week to ten days.  These are all the medications for this cycle:


I have to go get my blood drawn in the morning to see how things are progressing, so I’ll try to post an update with more details once I get the results tomorrow afternoon.

Until then, I leave you with this… because the kids kept playing it this weekend, and it’s been stuck in my head.  I can’t suffer alone.


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